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Appeals are the branch of the law that involves handling cases that have been tried but are now being appealed to higher court because the Parties in the lower court are not happy with the decision. In Texas civil cases, that involves appeals to the Texas District Courts of Appeals and the Texas Supreme Court. In the federal courts in Texas, appeals are made to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit located in New Orleans, and then to the United States Supreme Court. BFS Law Group handles civil appeals in Texas state and federal courts, Louisiana state and federal courts, and Michigan federal courts.

Members of the firm have extensive experience in appellate law. James D. Blume has more than 20 reported appellate cases, including Texas appellate courts and federal appeal courts. Richard D. Faulkner has handled appeals in the Louisiana appellate courts including the Louisiana Supreme Court and Mr. Faulkner and Shelly L. Skeen have handled and argued multiple cases in the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit and Sixth Circuit, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, covering Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, and Tennessee. They have also handled appeals and friend of the court briefs in the United States Supreme Court. Shelly Skeen was an attorney at two Texas District Courts of Appeals: Texarkana and Dallas. She also has extensive experience handling both reported and unreported cases in the State and Federal appellate courts and recently won a widely publicized case before the Texas Supreme Court. BFS Law Group is able to meet all of your appellate law needs, whether it be advice on preserving error in the trial court, handling post-trial motions, handling mandamus issues, or handling your appeals.