City of Sherman v Henry: Is the Texas Constitutional Right of Privacy Still a Source of Protection for Texas Citizens?

NOTE & COMMENT: CITY OF SHERMAN v. HENRY: IS THE TEXAS CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT OF PRIVACY STILL A SOURCE OF PROTECTION FOR TEXAS CITIZENS? 1 of 1 DOCUMENT Copyright (c) 1997 Texas Wesleyan Law Review Texas Wesleyan Law Review Fall, 1997 4 Tex. Wesleyan L. Rev. 99 LENGTH: 14330 words NAME: Shelly L. Skeen LEXISNEXIS SUMMARY: …  The Texas Supreme Court first recognized a constitutional right of privacy under the Texas … Read More


CONFIDENTIALITY, LOYALTY AND THE ATTORNEY CLIENT PRIVILEGE Attorney Client Privilege:  The Basics The purpose of attorney-client privilege is to encourage full and frank communications between lawyers and their clients, thus promoting the broader public interest in the observance of the law and the administration of justice. Upjohn Co. v. U.S.,449 U.S. 383, 389 (1981).  The privilege rests on the need for a lawyer to know everything that relates to the … Read More

Candor to the Tribunal

COMMUNICATING WITH TRIBUNALS CONSEQUENCES OF FALSE STATEMENTS AND FAILURE TO DISCLOSE I.  Introduction In the legal community, it is not uncommon to hear as a rallying cry: “I must zealously represent my client!”¹ This rallying cry, however, is sometimes camouflage for the misconceived notion that lawyers can do or say anything in the representation of their clients. While we certainly have duties to our clients, there are boundaries that we … Read More