Auto Dealer Attorney Dallas

Automobile dealers, their businesses, their manufacturers, their employees, and their customers, face a unique variety of issues that most businesses do not face.  Obtaining permission from the manufacturer for the dealership, entering into franchise and licensing agreements, bid protests, buying land and buildings for the dealership, floor plan financing with third party lenders, regulatory, tax, and title issues involving federal, state and local governments, the hiring of mechanics with the expertise necessary to repair automobiles, ensuring public safety, training sales people and staff, advertising, entering into contracts with vendors, selling automobiles, servicing and repairing automobiles, and handling customer disputes makes practicing law for automobile dealerships particularly challenging and complicated.  However, BFS Law Group members have been handling all of these issues for automobile dealers across the country for over 30 years and this experience translates in the expertise necessary to address any business’s concerns whether it is litigation oriented or transactional.