LGBT Aging Coalition

Late September/Early October Newsletter, Part 1, Social Security Benefits, Part 2 Disability and Medicare Benefits, and Part 3, Practical Considerations for the LGBT Community, Coming Next Month Social Security Benefits are Now Available to LGBT Couples Nationwide![1] After the United States Supreme Court decision in United States v. Windsor on June 26, 2013, same sex married couples became eligible for most of the nearly 1,138 rights that were available to … Read More

The Impact of Marriage Equality on Texas Law

  With the passage of a new law, we recently had the opportunity to meet with the LGBT section of the State Bar and plan a new one day course! This is a fun and enthusiastic group and we are all excited to bring you – The Impact of Marriage Equality on Texas Law! Our Course Director, Shelly Skeen, and her planning committee have put together a wonderful program that … Read More


Today marks a huge victory for marriage equality. In a landmark decision, the United States Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples have a Constitutional right to marry. The Texas ban – and those of the 12 other states that have same-sex marriage bans on the books – are unconstitutional. The Court’s decision was sharply split, with all 4 justices writing their own dissents. Chief Justice Roberts even read his dissent … Read More