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The State Bar of Texas requires that we provide the following information:

The State Bar of Texas investigates and prosecutes professional misconduct committed by Texas attorneys. Although not every complaint against or dispute with a lawyer involves professional misconduct, the State Bar Office of General Counsel will provide you with information about how to file a complaint. For more information, call toll-free 1-800-932-1900. Tex. Gov. Code Ann. 81.079.

The Texas Supreme court has adopted the Texas Lawyer’s Creed:

A Mandate for Professionalism. The Creed addresses a lawyer’s obligation to the legal system, to clients, and to judges. It also governs the manner in which we deal with opposing counsel. Because the Creed requires that we make you aware of its contents, I am enclosing a copy of the Creed for your review. The Creed requires lawyers to act professionally with each other and the courts and to not attempt to abuse the system. We support the principles of the Creed and solicit your support as well.

To view the Creed in its entirety click here