Dear Shelly, Just a quick note to tell you once again how well-received your remarks were on Tuesday morning. You do a great job!

Sheila Rice, Virginia Cook Realtors

“Diane and I were very pleased with Shelly’s legal services. She was very courteous, patient, and professional. In addition, she was a very good briefing attorney.”


“I have found Shelly to be very professional and knowledgeable over the years. Equally as important she was easy to talk with and seemed genuinely interested in helping clients and myself as well, when in need of legal counsel. She was able to anticipate potential problem areas and suggest guidance for avoiding them.”


Thank you so much, Shelly. We enjoyed getting to visit with you so much. I will absolutely love referring anyone I can to you. You were fabulous – loved working with someone I trust!

S.H. - Estate Planning

Claire James worked on a custody case for me. She does her job with integrity, efficiency, and thoroughness, and I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer to help through this ordeal. The end result was better than I expected, in my favor, and she was always available to answer any questions for me this past year. I did not want a long, drawn out process and Claire made sure it was settled quickly and correctly. I would recommend her to anyone going through child support/custody issues. She’s the best of the best.

M.J. - Family Client

A lot of people in the business world have to have a battery of law firms. I’ve never needed more than one.

Blume, Faulkner and Skeen

All the friends I’ve referred to them over the years have thanked me profusely.

Neil Kamal - Houston

You did a great job with the oral argument, very well done.  I look forward to the summary and to your call if and when you’re next in our town.